Hey Pimp! I am More Than a Number

10 Apr

Did you know that currently 27 million people around the globe are in slavery and sex trafficking? Yes, right now in AMERICA and all over the world? This could be your daughter. This could be your son. This could be your sister. This could be your wife. This could be your niece or nephew. There are more slaves in America than there were 150 years ago when slavery was eradicated.

I chose to pick sex trafficking because I went to a conference in January called Passion. It was here that my eyes were opened to what I thought was impossible. I desire to be an advocate for sex trafficking. “Advocacy includes action taken in support of a cause or an idea. It may include, for example, providing education, distributing information, or holding events to dramatize an issue or the effects of a problem on people or a community” (Worth, 2012, pg. 353). There are many organizations that are fighting to end slavery. The organization I chose to research is an organization called “Love146”. The passion for the fight against child sex trafficking was ignited in September of 2002. The Co-Founders Rob Morris, Lamont Hiebert, Desirea Rodgers, and Caroline Hahm went on trip to Southeast Asia in search of helping sex trafficking. “We became an official Public Charity in March of 2004 under the name of Justice for Children International and later changed our name to Love146” (love146.org).  The reason for the changed happened when they went to Thailand. The co-founders encountered a child with a number on her shirt that read “146”. It was then their work began. They have increased to many areas of Europe, Asia, and the United States. The mission and goal of this organization is “Abolition and Restoration! We combat child sex slavery and exploitation with the unexpected and restore survivors with excellence” (love146.org)

The issue, as you can tell, is child slavery in the form of sex trafficking. As I have previously stated, there are 27 million people who are currently enslaved. Here are a few statistics provided by International Crisis Aid on sex trafficking in America and around the world:

  • Almost 300,000 American children are at risk for trafficking into the sex industry
  • There are girls as young as 5 and 6 years old in the U.S. that are forced to do sexual acts for economic gain by their pimp
  • Between 14,500 and 17,500 victims are trafficked into the U.S. each year; the CIA estimates 45,000-50,000
  • One in 12 (82 of 1000) youth experienced sexual victimization, including sexual assaults (32 per 1000) and attempted or completed rate (22 per 1000)
  • 1.2 million children are being trafficked every year; this is in addition to the millions already held captive by trafficking
  • Every 2 minutes a child is being prepared for sexual explotation
  • The average age of a trafficked victim is 12-14 years old
  • UNICEF reports approximately 30 million children have lost their childhood through sexual exploitation over the past thirty years
  • People are trafficked from 127 countries to be exploited in 137 countries
  • And if that is not enough, the total market value of illicit human trafficking is estimated to be in excess of $32 BILLION

This is a heartbreaking issue and because of organizations such as Love146 and Passion there has been progress.

Love146 is dedicated to help change the idea of slavery and sex trafficking through prevention and aftercare. To aid in prevention Love146 realized that to assist in sex slavery and exploitation prevention work is essential. “Love146 takes a diversified approach in Prevention by working across the globe to reduce the risk for children in high traffic areas, strengthen prevention networks, empower youth, and empower advocates” (love146.org). In aftercare strategies, Love 146 provides a holistic approach: biological, psychological, and social. They provide Aftercare through three different projects, safe-homes, training in aftercare, and reintegration research. These different projects are ways to change the exploitation of children. In a nutshell, safe-homes are used in order to provide housing, safety, and facilitate restoration and health. Love146 has a 5-day thorough preparation for grassroots caregivers already working with freed children. As defined in the text, “grassroots lobbying refers to any attempt to influence legislation by affecting the opinion of the general public and that asks individuals to take action (Worth, 2012, pg. 356). The caregiver are encouraged and empowered with the proper knowledge and certification. “The Love146 Certificate Training Program in Aftercare (CTPA) seeks to empower caregivers with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to provide children with specialized care. The program provides a certified qualification through an on-site training course and post-course evaluation” (love146.org). Last but not least, they use reintegration research in order to best place the children back with their families or back in the community. They do extensive research to find the outcomes of placing them back with their families. It may not always work out, as they may want. If could have been the family that sold them into slavery from the beginning.

We all know that finances are a major part in an advocacy program. In our text Worth stated, “There are restrictions on the use of government or foundation funds, but unrestricted revenues from gifts, grants, or earned income may be used to fund a lobbying effort” (Worth, 2012, pg. 359). Different expenses for Love146 are often managed and distributed by the region it works with. They depend solely on people or organizations that want to help. There is no federal money coming to Love146. Below are pictures of their revenue:

Again, I chose this organization because is it captures my heart for the world. I have such a heart for children with different needs. I never thought this would be an issue in the world especially in America. Hopefully, even after this assignment is over my I will still be proactive in finding information and assisting different organizations with different skills that I posses.


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  2. http://www.crisisaid.org/ICAPDF/Trafficking/traffickstats.pdf
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Volunteer Blog

19 Mar

Volunteering is an important aspect of all organizations. “Effective management of volunteers is an important topic because volunteers are a major component of the workforce of many nonprofits” (Worth, 2012). Volunteers are vital because they are available to help with minor details of an organization so the staff members are able to handle the major ones. Volunteers are active in several hours of service each year. “More than 61 million Americans engaged in volunteer service, providing over 8 billion hours of service” (Worth, 2012). Without this type of service it is nearly impossible to run a nonprofit organization.

Activity One: Atlanta Education and Outreach Volunteer (Rock the Earth)

Rock the Earth (RtE) is a nonprofit organization whose main goal is to protect and defend America’s natural resources. RtE protects and defends by partnering with the music industry and the universal environmental communities (Volunteermatch, 2011). Their mission is to “ensure the existence of a sustainable and healthy environment for all and represent those individuals and communities whose environment or natural surroundings are directly and adversely affected by others” (Volunteermatch, 2011). I was unaware of this organization prior to seeing this volunteer activity.

RtE is located at 111 Earth Plaza, Atlanta, GA 30303. The volunteer opportunities are available March 19, 2012-September 19, 2012. The times were not available for viewing that is something that is discussed when you apply to volunteer. In order to volunteer you must be at least 20 years old, have a driver’s license and be skilled in education, environment and music. You are required to sign up online and someone, name not mentioned, will contact you with further instructions. There seems to be no formal orientation at the organization. Our book stated that, “Nonprofits should provide orientation and training to volunteers” (Worth, 2012). There might be some type of orientation but it is just not listed in the article. I agree with our book that there must be some type of formal training or orientation for people, especially if they have never done anything like this before.

There are several roles and responsibilities of a volunteer/intern. There was a specific section for job descriptions. Worth stated, “nonprofits should assess the need for volunteers and develop volunteer job descriptions” (Worth, 2012). This organization understands the importance of having specific job descriptions listed. Volunteers are accountable for “assisting with the coordination of events and volunteers in their home metropolitan area to solicit new members and volunteers, educating patrons about the organization and important environmental issues upon which the organization is working, and promoting the organization to artists and other organizations regarding ways that the organization may collaborate with them” (Volunteermatch, 2012). There is also a list of responsibilities of a volunteer. To name a few, outreach concerts, distribute booth and outreach materials, handling cash, etc.

I am not confident that I would bee willing to participate in volunteering at the organization. It seems very cool and festive but I am not very passionate about protecting our natural resources. I do like the musical and educational aspect of the organization because I love to teach and I love all different kinds of music. I would recommend this place to someone who is good at teaching, music and also who is zealous about America’s natural resources.

Activity Two: Working With Grieving Children (Kate’s Club).

Kate’s Club is located in downtown Atlanta at 1330 West Peachtree Street, N.W. Suite 520, Atlanta, GA 30309. This mission of Kate’s Club is, “To empower children and teens facing life after death of a parent or sibling” (Volunteermatch, 2011). They provide health coping approaches to help manage feelings surrounding their loss. I am new to Atlanta so I was not aware of this organization prior to this assignment. Kate’s Club does not have a set schedule for volunteer hours. They are very flexible with the hours to accommodate the volunteer.

Volunteers at Kate’s Club are responsible for facilitating activities, supervising children, offering emotional support and being a positive role model. In order to assist this organization one must be at least 21, go through orientation or training, and a background check. They offer one 4-hour shift per month. A skill required for volunteering is group facilitation.

I can definitely see myself volunteering at a place like this. I am passionate about kids and teens. I might actually sign up to volunteer while I still live here in Atlanta. I think it would be a great opportunity to show kids that they are loved no matter what has happened to their family members. There is not always an explanation for things that happen, but I think an organization like this is great so children can be open about how they are feeling about a loss

Activity Three: Global Compassion Missions: CitiIMPACT

The third organization I looked into was CitiIMPACT. “CitiIMPACT is a Christian Humanitarian & Missions organization dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling causes of poverty and injustice” (Volunteermatch, 2011). CitiIMPACT is located in Atlanta as well at 89 Ellis Street Atlanta, GA 30303. There was a ministry similar to this one in Memphis when I was living there. I was not aware of this organization prior to this assignment. There is no specific person to get in contact with in order to work with this organization. Their mission is to, “extend the love of Christ in practical ways to people who are affected by disasters in life” (Volunteermatch, 2011).
There are different responsibilities for the volunteer. There is not formal training or requirements. The main responsibility of a volunteer is to help with disaster relief and restorations, prayer, and response. Volunteers are also encouraged to assist financially. Giving financially and volunteers hours can help assist in human trafficking, disaster relief, hunger and poverty, at-risk kids and families, adequate housing and church planting. Since I was involved with a ministry like this in Memphis, I would definitely like to give a helping hand wherever needed. I appreciate ministries who are proactive in helping not only their community but also others as well.
I think for all three opportunities I would improve the website information to make it look more appealing. I would add pictures for all of them. Also, I would provide contact information. It is better to be able to speak with the person in charge rather than waiting for an email. It makes communicating more personal when you are contacting personnel on the phone. Also, it is important for an organization to have requirements, trainings and policies. As stated in our text, “Nonprofits should develop formal volunteer policies” (Worth, 2012). The organization I looked up did not seem to have any formal training or policies that are being followed. These policies should spell out expectations of the volunteers.


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    2. Worth, M.J. (2012) Nonprofit Management: Principles and Practice (2nd ed.) Los Angeles: SAGE Publications, Inc.

Student in Intro. to Public Administration Course at the University of Memphis

21 Feb

My name is Anteelah McKinney. I am originally from Johnson City, TN. I moved to Memphis in 2006 to start college. I am a SUPER SENIOR at the University of Memphis. I am taking online classes because I live in Atlanta, GA right now. I have been here since September living with an awesome family helping them with their three children. I am moving back to Memphis next fall. My major is Disability Studies and Rehabilitation Services. I LOVE working with children especially ones with special needs. I worked for an Autism Center for 4 years while in Memphis. I hope to get my masters in Applied Behavior Analysis when I am done with my undergrad. I am taking this course because it is a required course. I have worked for and volunteered at numerous amounts of nonprofit organizations. I hope to start my own for children with disabilities in the years to come. I have had nothing but great experiences with the nonprofit organizations I was a part of. My hobbies include crocheting (which is weird for a 23 year old I know :D), sewing, I love all things crafty, doing hair and nails, singing, and a multitude of other things! Nice to meet everyone!

Three key things that I have learned in this course include board responsibilities, accountability, and planning. Boards have a number of things they are responsible for whether that be staffing, ensuring that the organization serves its mission, and last but not least, keeping the organization accountable for its actions. Accountability is important for an organization to make sure they are being honest what they are doing and how they are doing it. Accountability comes in different forms. There can be accountability for finances, making sure the organization has all of its requirements, and ‘keeping up’ with the watchdogs. Lastly, this past week we have learned about planning. It is important to plan because the organization has to know where it is and where it wants to go. In order to construct next steps for an organization there has to be some type of plan to execute the mission and main idea for that specific organization.

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10 Sep

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